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Dry Van Trucking

Looking for the best transport option best suited for your needs? Dry Van Trucking is a great option for short- or -long-haul shipments and one of our most popular trucking services. With some of the most competitive prices in the area, we are happy to accommodate a wide variety of cargo. From construction materials to non- perishable food, our dry van trailers can handle it all. Our experienced and highly trained drives will provide you with fast and secure trucking that gets your freight to its destination. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote and call us at DdEX

DdEX's Affordable Dry Van Trucking

As one of the most popular trucking services, dry van shipping is often available at low costs. Still, when you choose us, we provide you with competitive prices that outmatch all the others in the local area. Rest assured, our affordable price points don't have a reflection on the quality of our service. We make sure to adhere to a top standard of excellence with every delivery. When you get in touch with us, we'll happily get you a transparent quote upfront that outlines all the details. Fill us in on what you need to be shipped--when and where--and we'll price the job right away.

Comprehensive Dry Van Transportation Services

If your freight doesn't require specific temperature control and fits inside the trailer, we can ship it for you without a problem. Our transportation specialists have undergone the training necessary to load everything seamlessly before hitting the road. With our services, you can always expect:

  • Straightforward, competitive quotes
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Top-security transportation
  • Streamlined "drop & hook" loading
  • Excellent customer care

Since we enclose everything inside the truck, our dry van services protect your cargo from adverse weather conditions, damage, loss and theft. No matter what industry you work in, with us, you choose a safe and secure mode of transport for your goods every time.

Prompt and Professional Dry Van Transportation

Set a transportation schedule with us, and we'll be sure to stick to it. We're dedicated and punctual and we give ourselves adequate time for each step of the process. Whatever your shipment may be, we're quick on our feet and we'll speed up the process with our skills and expertise. Of course, this doesn't mean we cut corners and risk damaging your freight. On the contrary, we maintain the perfect balance of care and efficiency to provide you with top-notch dry van transportation services.

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Thanks to our highly qualified team of experienced drivers, we'll be sure to impress. If you want your freight delivered on time in its pre-shipped condition, give us a call. There isn't anyone who does it quite like us. Call now! (833) 937-3339

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