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Let DdEX be your trusted partner for all your transportation, logistics and warehousing needs. There’s only one way we carry goods, and that’s safe and on-time.

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The Best Trucking Company in Town

We’re not boasting, but we know we’re the best trucking company around and we intend to keep it that way. Our customers continually trust us to provide winning logistics strategies that reduce costs and lead times.

We consider ourselves more than merely a vendor in your supply chain, we consider ourselves your partner. We pledge to provide you with everything you need to succeed: on-time deliveries, competitive rates and world-class customer service.

Full-Service Trucking Company

You name it, and our trucks can carry it. Our company owns and operates a state-of-the-art fleet of insured trucks and trailers capable of hauling any load.

Some of the services we provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Hotshot trucking
  • Intermodal trucking
  • Bulk liquid trucking
  • LTL trucking
  • Flatbed trucking
  • Refrigerated trucking
  • Oversize load trucking
  • And more!

No matter how complex or urgent your shipping requirements may be, our agents are at your disposal to help you create a custom logistics strategy that will cover all your bases.

No-Obligation Consultations with a Transportation Agent

As a local trucking company, we’re committed to filling the gap in the local industry. For us, that starts with offering our valued clientele no-obligation, comprehensive consultations. One of our seasoned agents will take you through your service needs step by step, outlining how we’ll fulfill all your requirements at each stage of the process. We will map out the route we’ll take to deliver your cargo. When we consult with our clients, we make sure to cover every detail. We even factor in weather forecasts to make our ETA as accurate as possible.

When you’re confident in our capabilities, we’ll give you an upfront cost estimate of our charges. No fine print, no hidden fees—just a transparent quote from an honest professional. We make our contracts flexible for your convenience. If you need a one-time shipment, we can help. If you’d like to incorporate us as a new component of your supply chain, we’re delighted to be of assistance. We’ll customize your estimate to match your service. With us, you don’t get roped into extras and add-ons that you don’t need.

Responsible Transportation from a Local Trucking Company

Rest assured, when your goods are in our care, we take that responsibility seriously. We’ll never compromise their safety—we vow to deliver them in perfect condition from point A to point B. To fulfill this promise, we implement strict driver requirements. Our drivers are highly skilled professionals who are fully licensed, insured, and extensively trained in the operation of our trucks. We take no risks and are continually keeping our skills sharp with regular workshops and testing. You can count on our drivers to execute your shipping and handling requirements to a tee. Along the way, we’ll provide up-to-date and ongoing communication so that you can stay informed of your shipment’s location and condition.

For further licensing and insurance details, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Tracking and Reporting Technology

You can count on us to log meticulous records of our activities should you ever need access to them. We are completely transparent about our processes and will handle your goods according to your precise specifications, whatever they may be.

While we’re meticulous and careful with what we carry, we’re fast and efficient about how we carry. Thanks to our advanced route planning systems and real-time tracking technology, we’ve proven shipment after shipment, day after day, that we deliver things on-time. For us, there’s simply no other way to do it.

Affordable Freight Services

We're a fast-growing transportation provider paving a new way forward in the field: one that's characterized by value. As a company, we've developed and established a lean business model that funnels down into amazing cost savings on every delivery. Our clients continually commend us for our rock-bottom cost estimates. When they ask us how we do it, we say there's no one answer—it's everything. From our high-performance fleet to our extensive route network, every aspect of our work contributes to your cost savings.

Dedicated Transportation Fleet

Our company owns and operates an impressive fleet of trucks and trailers dedicated to your transportation needs. Whatever size, quantity or weight of cargo you need moved; we can handle it. Our trucks are regularly cleaned, maintained and inspected to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Expedited Shipping Options

We recognize the urgency of arriving within your delivery window. Often, one missed delivery or delayed shipment translates to significant profit losses or hefty fines. We get it. That's why we're pleased to extend expedited shipping options to our clients. If you need a dispatch ASAP, we can help.

Your Reliable Transportation Provider

Our company is a dynamic team comprised of drivers, administrative staff, warehousing technicians, and other personnel unified by one overarching goal: to win your satisfaction. We're client-focused through and through and we intend to prove it to you with:

  • Prompt responses
  • Polite, professional service
  • In-depth consultations
  • Upfront, accurate cost estimates
  • Licensed, insured drivers
  • Compliant trucks and trailers
  • Sophisticated tracking technology
  • On-time deliveries

The strength of our client relationships means everything to us, and we can't wait to earn your satisfaction next.

Contact the Top Trucking Company in Town

DdEX is a fixture in the local transportation industry. We offer our clients consistently competitive rates coupled with world-class client care. Our fleet is up-to-code and equipped with state-of-the-art tracking technology to facilitate a stress-free route from beginning to end.

To learn more about our trucking services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our agents by phone or email. We look forward to showing you why we’re the top trucking company in the area. (833) 937-3339